Dijsselbloem says lenders will await outcome of referendum, sees ‘no grounds for further talks at this point’

The Eurogroup has again declined any further extension of Greece’s programme and postponed any decisions until after the country holds a referendum on Sunday, Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem told reporters on Wednesday night.
“We reaffirmed the decision of last Saturday. The political grounds, the political situation has not changed and therefore the old programme has expired last night at midnight,” he said in statements after eurozone finance ministers held a second conference call to discuss Greece’s proposals.

Dijsselbloem said the finance ministers had simply “noted” the Greek proposals to further amend proposals by the institutions at this point.
“The main decision was that given the political situation, the rejection of the previous proposals, the referendum that will take place on Sunday and the ‘no’ advice of the Greek government, we see no grounds for further talks at this point,” he said.
There will be no further talks in the coming days at either Eurogroup level, nor between the Greek authorities and the institutions on proposals or financial arrangements, Dijsselbloem added.
“We will simply wait the outcome of the referendum and take into account the outcome of the referendum,” Dijsselbloem.
He ended by expressing sorrow for the situation “given the strong determination of the Greek people to be part of Europe and the eurozone, in which we fully support them.”