DG Energy expresses concerns over more ambitious RES target

Despite agreeing to an even more ambitious RES energy mix target of 32 percent, compared to the European Commission’s 30 percent, by 2030 at an EU energy ministers meeting in Luxembourg three months ago, Greece’s energy minister Giorgos Stathakis has yet to specify on policies that will need to be adopted.

EU member states need to submit their plans by the end of December and concerns in Brussels are growing.

Just days ago, at a meeting between national representatives and Directorate-General for Energy officials, a number of EU member countries, including Greece, were told that they have yet to set clear plans on policies needed for the more ambitious RES target. National representatives were asked to apply greater pressure on their governments.

The Greek energy ministry’s secretary general Mihalis Veriopoulos has, for quite some time now, assembled a special committee to focus on the issue but has not followed up with a public consultation procedure with industry figures as has been expected.