DESFA revises supply security fee, funding emergency cases

DESFA, the Public Gas Corporation, has revised its supply security surcharge imposed on natural gas bills as a means of power supply protection during emergency cases.

The new rates include a 0.12 euro charge per MWh for natural gas-fueled power stations, 0.35 euro per MWh for protected consumer categories, and 0.13 euro per MW for other categories.

DESFA maintains an interest-earning account set aside to fund emergency plans in the event of gas-shortage crises that could otherwise lead to power outages.

Stemming from a law dating back to 2011, the supply security surcharge was introduced to enable natural gas-fueled electricity production plants to switch to diesel as an alternative fuel should a gas-supply crisis hit the market. The surcharge helps fund any additional costs involved in such situations.

All natural gas consumed in Greece is imported, while no natural gas storage facilities exist at present.

A study examining a variety of emergency cases has highlighted certain high-risk scenarios in which avoidance of natural gas supply cuts for vulnerable consumer groups would require limiting gas supply to gas-fueled electricity production plants and, consequently, increase the risk of power outages.

The revised supply security surcharge rates, applied retroactively as of May 1, will be valid until April 30, 2016.