DESFA to upgrade LNG terminal on Revythoussa

DESFA, Greece’s natural gas grid operator, plans to construct a new docking facility at the country’s LNG terminal on Revythoussa, an islet just off Athens, and also upgrade the unit’s existing pier, the objective being to improve gas supply to the domestic market and also contribute to a wider plan aiming to establish Greece as a hub for gas supply in the wider Balkan region.

These projects will greatly improve LNG transmissions via road networks and sea routes to regions not covered by distribution networks for supply to industrial consumers.

The Revythoussa upgrade also promises to enable vessels to load at the LNG terminal and supply other vessels at Piraeus port. Distribution to gas storage facilities at coastal mainland areas and the islands will also be made possible.

The overall storage capacity improvement promised by the Revythoussa upgrade could also greatly contribute to meeting demand during peak periods, especially the winter season.

The Revythoussa facility is also seen as pivotal by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, in its effort to ensure supply security next winter.