DESFA market test pivotal for gas network investment plan

A market test to soon be announced by gas grid operator DESFA will be instrumental in shaping the operator’s investment plan intended to reinforce and expand the country’s gas network.

Final details of the market test are currently being worked on by DESFA’s legal team before its first round, a non-binding stage, is announced.

Interested parties will be invited to note gas network points of entry and exit they would like to use, as well as gas quantities they plan to transport through the system. This feedback will then be used by DESFA for the establishment of a demand assessment report.

To be divided into demand-related scenarios linked with specific investments for network infrastructure projects, this report will need to be approved by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, before a second-round market test can be staged.

DESFA plans to complete the market test’s first round by summer and the second round by the end of the year.