DEPA gas auction participants dispute quarterly amounts offered

DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, has announced it will stage its next gas auction for quantities to suppliers and industrial enterprises concerning the first three-month period of 2016 on December 15.

A total of 269,450 MWh will be offered in 50,000 volume units, each measuring 5.389 MWh, at this upcoming quarterly DEPA auction.

According to energypress sources, participants have raised questions about the quantities DEPA plans to offer through its quarterly auctions. In an agreement with the local competition committee, the corporation has committed itself to offering 60 percent through annual auctions and 40 percent through quarterly auctions.

DEPA offered 1,980 GWh through its recent annual auction, meaning that amounts of 330 GWh would need to be offered at the corporation’s quarterly auctions in 2016 if the 60-40 ratio is to be maintained, as agreed to with the local competition committee.

Participants have noted that, based on the auction figures announced by DEPA, the annual auction represents 65 percent of DEPA’s annual total, leaving 35 percent for the quarterly auctions in 2016.

Participants noted the discrepancy, based on the corporation’s agreement with the local competition committee, could add further pressure on prices at the quarterly auctions. Overwhelming interest was displayed by bidders at the recent annual auction, staged slightly less than a month ago.