DEPA Commercial staging solar farm tenders for its RES entry

Gas company DEPA Commercial, preparing to also venture into the renewable energy sector with solar farms offering a total capacity of 550 MW, plans to announce tenders for the development and installation of these facilities within the next three months, energypress sources have informed.

DEPA Commercial will look to attract construction companies with experience and knowhow in the RES sector. At this stage, DEPA Commercial officials are considering the number of tenders to be staged.

The total budget for these solar farm projects is expected to reach an estimated 400 million euros. Incentives for swifter project completion will be incorporated into the tenders.

The bulk, or 450 MW, of DEPA Commercial’s 550-MW in solar farms is planned to be developed in the Kozani area, northern Greece. One of these units, expected to offer 400 MW, will be among Greece’s biggest. DEPA Commercial’s remaining 100 MW is planned to be developed in the Viotia region, northwest of Athens.

Helleniq Energy, formerly named ELPE, and PPC Renewables are also developing major-scale solar farms.

DEPA Commercial, whose entry into renewables comes as part of the company’s plan to vertically integrate, intends to follow-up its initial lot of 550-MW in solar farms with an additional 150 MW in RES projects, still awaiting connection terms.