DEPA chief: Russian pipeline would boost Greek energy security

The development of Turkish Stream, Russia’s latest proposal for natural gas supply to Europe via the south, from the Greek-Turkish border region, would bolster Greek energy security, Spyros Paleogiannis, CEO at DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, has told Russian news agency sputnik.

According to the news agency, Paleogiannis described Russian natural gas supply as being of high standards in terms of supply security, while adding that Russia has proved to be a relieable natural gas supplier to Europe.

Commenting on how effective an alternative energy source Iran could be, the DEPA official stated the country cannot replace Russia but could play a secondary role in gas supply to Europe.

“Russia is, by far, the most significant supplier to Europe and will continue to be,” Paleogiannis told the Russian news agency. “Iran will play a secondary role in natural gas supply to Europe,” he continued, noting as long as Western sanctions imposed on the country are lifted and no other obstacles stop Teheran’s entry into the European energy market.