DEDA network links plan to start from Serres next month

DEDA, an enterprise established recently following DEPA’s (Public Gas Corporation) retreat from the country’s gas networks, plans to soon move ahead with a plan to offer network connections to customers in the provincial cities of Serres and Halkida, as well as Lamia, Thebes and Katerini, if the required consumer interest exists, while pilot programs for Kilkis and Drama are being considered.

DEDA, which has ensured EU development funding to cover connection costs for existing networks, plans to begin the initiative from Serres next month.

The reliance on EU funding is expected to keep network usage fees at relatively low levels and minimize connection costs for customers, a key company principal at DEDA.

As part of its five-year business plan covering 2018 to 2022, already endorsed, the newly established gas company also plans to develop gas distribution networks and create new markets in a total of 18 provincial cities in Greece’s north and central mainland.

Coverage of the investment’s cost, budgeted at 142 million euros, is expected to include 74.4 million euros of EU development funds and 48 million euros from the European Investment Bank. DEDA plans to provide 19.6 million euros of its own capital.

The company plans to rely on CNG for the Orestiada, Veria, Giannitsa, Amfissa and Karpenisi markets.

An entirely owned DEPA subsidiary, DEDA was founded last January to cover all local gas markets except wider Athens, Thessaly and Thessaloniki.