Czech Republic’s MND submits application for further exploration of Epanomi deposit

Czech firm MND Oil & Gas, according to information obtained by Energypress, has submitted an official application to the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change (YPEKA) for further exploration and exploitation of a proven natural gas deposit in the Epanomi region, on the northeastern outskirts of Thessaloniki. The deposit in the area had been discovered over two decades ago.

According to the information gained, the ministry is maintaining a particularly cautious stance on the Czech firm’s application, mainly as a result of local community concerns.

Besides the Czech Republic, MND Oil & Gas is also active in other parts of central Europe, the Middle and Near East, Russia, as well as Georgia. In addition to production, the firm is also active in the commercial trade of petrol and natural gas, development of storage facilities, while also providing land-drilling services.

The Epanomi deposit, located between the Potamos and Nea Iraklia regions, was discovered in 1988 by the then-Public Petroleum Corporation (DEP-EKY). The deposit is estimated to contain 500 million cubic meters of natural gas, of which a quantity between 280-320 cubic meters is believed to be extractable.

The Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change’s committee for petroleum matters will need to convene and decide on the application’s fate. If approved, procedures involving issues such as mapping will need to follow. However, the Greek state does maintain the right to reject MND’s application, citing reasons such as environmental and public safety concerns.