Customer shifts from PPC to independent suppliers over 1M

Nearly 1.1 million electricity consumers have left power utility PPC for an independent supplier, latest market data has shown.

Besides considerable penetration into the mid-voltage market, independent suppliers are now making further gains in the low-voltage category serving households and businesses.

Approximately ten of the Greek market’s twenty or so independent suppliers represent the overwhelming majority of these 1.1 million electricity consumers who have left PPC. Three of these suppliers, vertically integrated, also operate natural gas-fueled power stations.

Independent suppliers represent approximately 16 percent of the country’s 7.57 million power meters. PPC remains the dominant player with control of 6.36 million power meters.

Electricity market competition has intensified over the past two or so years, as highlighted by the increased number of customer shifts from one supplier to another. Customer mobility nearly doubled in 2019 compared to a year earlier, rising from 338,000 to 627,000 customers.

According to data provided by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, 226,779 customers opted to switch electricity supplier during the first half of 2019.

Market officials have linked this mass movement with tariff increases at PPC.

PPC officials contend the company’s outflow of customers slowed down during the final quarter of 2019, noting some consumers have chosen to return to the power utility following short spells at independent suppliers.

Competition is expected to keep intensifying. PPC is preparing to offer new products around spring.