Consumers embrace subsidized gas conversion program

A subsidized program offered recently by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change to promote household heating system conversions from fuel to natural gas has been strongly received by consumers, as indicated by data provided by the country’s three exisiting gas supply companies (EPA) in the wider Athens area, northern city Thessaloniki, and Thessalia, in the mid-northeast.

Nearly 2,600 applications have been submitted by consumers in Thessaloniki, 76 percent of these leading to new connection agreements, while some 2,300 applications have been made by consumers in Thessalia, with 65 percent of these leading to new connection agreements, according to a ministry announcement. In Athens, slightly over 2,000 applications have been submitted, with gas connection agreements established for 70 percent of these. A further 2,000 or so Athenian households are expected to submit applications within the next few weeks. Overall, the subsidized program, launched last November, is expected to draw approximately 20,000 applications, the ministry’s announcement noted.

The subsidized program, designed to cover 60 percent of conversion costs stretching back as far as September 25, 2014, can save households as much as 5,500 euros.

Taking into account the enthusiastic response by consumers for the subsidized program, all three EPA companies are expected to sustain its availability in 2015 through new funding.