Binding bids for ELPE’s 50.1% due today amid uncertainty

Binding bids for an ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) sale offering a 50.1 percent stake are due today, bringing one of the country’s biggest energy-sector privatizations to a crucial stage.

The Greek State is offering 20 percent of its 35.48 percent share and the Latsis group’s Paneuropean Oil is selling 30.1 percent of its 45.47 stake.

Two bidding teams have reached the privatization’s final stage. Glencore, an early qualifier, has teamed up with US firm Carlyle, while Vitol, the procedure’s other early candidate, formed an alliance with Algeria’s Sonatrach for this sale.

Their level of acceptance of the sale’s SPA and SHA terms, as well as ELPE’s financial figures, assessed in due dilligence, will become apparent later in the day.

Despite today’s bidding deadline, it still remains uncertain if the two teams will submit offers. If made, they will be unveiled later this afternoon, at 5pm.  Dossiers carrying technical details will be opened for assessment over the next few days.

Improved bids could be called for if the privatization’s terms have been met by participants.

Should the current sale effort fail to produce a result, the government will need to engage in talks with the country’s lenders on the next move for the ELPE privatization.