Solid turnout for Peloponnese line, ultra high-voltage center tender

An ongoing tender staged by the power grid operator IPTO for two sub-projects concerning the construction of a 400-kV power transmission line from Megalopoli in the Peloponnese to Corinth, west of Athens, as well as a related ultra high-voltage center in Corinth has drawn a strong field of contenders.

Three major players, from Greece and abroad, have expressed official interest to construct the Megalopoli-Corinth power transmission line, which will eventually be extended to reach Athens, while six consortiums, also featuring key Greek and foreign firms, have expressed interest to develop the Corinth high-voltage center.

One of the latter six applicants has been eliminated. This leaves a total of eight contenders for both projects. They will be invited to submit offers within the current month, possibly next week.

Each of the two projects has been budgeted at 29 million euros. Both are scheduled for completion in the first half of 2021.

Meanwhile, work on the Rio-Antirio electricity grid interconnection, an underground and underwater cable, is currently in progress. Its completion, expected within the current year, will offer major benefits as electricity transmission to and from the Peloponnese will be drastically improved.