Attractive offers available in retail electricity market

The price gap between retail electricity supply deals offered by the cheapest and most expensive retailers – usually PPC, the main power utility – increased at a rate of between 30 and 80 percent in all categories expect for low-voltage supply between September 30 and January 20, according to, a local website offering comparative assistance to consumers considering moves to other power retailers.

PPC has reduced the price gap separating it from other retailers in the low-voltage market.

Household consumers can now save four percent in electricity costs by switching supplier, while businesses can save as much as 8.5 percent, according to results offered by the website.

Household consumers using 4,500 KWh of electricity annually would save 44 euros over a year if they switched to the lowest-price retailer last September, according to website results. Should these household consumers make the switch now, then the savings would be 40 percent greater, or roughly 61 euros, annually.

As for professional consumers, the prospective electricity cost savings have grown rapidly, nearly doubling from 123 euros to 230 euros, annually.

On the contrary, larger-scale professional consumers and small industries have less of a price range to choose from as highest-price suppliers have lowered their offers and reduced the gap separating them from the best offers in this category.