Amynteo to run beyond limit for heating purposes until upgrade

The government intends to keep operating state-controlled main power utility PPC’s ageing Amynteo power station in the country’s north beyond the slim remainder of a 17,500-hour time limit imposed by the European Commission, now down to six days, to keep covering local telethermal needs until an environmental upgrade of the unit is completed for its full-scale relaunch.

According to initial estimates, the Amynteo upgrade effort could take over a year to complete once the Brussels time limit on the power station expires on November 19.

A process for decisions on the Amynteo upgrade plan’s optimal course is not expected to begin until the completion of PPC’s ongoing bailout-required sale of other lignite units, including three lignite-fired power stations in Megalopoli and Meliti.

The possibility of rival power producers filing complaints or charges against PPC – during the revamp period – for keeping Amynteo running beyond the Brussels-imposed time limit cannot be ruled out.

The government is taking a chance on the issue as, otherwise, locals in the Ptolemaida, Amynteo and Filotas would be left without a general heating system this coming winter.

A public consultation procedure on the use of lignite in the national energy plan until 2030 begins today.