Working groups to seek solutions for electricity bill payment evasion

Working groups formed by the energy ministry and RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, to discuss measures aiming to prevent electricity consumers from switching suppliers, leaving behind unpaid power bills in the process, and also to stop consumers from exploiting a universal electricity supply service, covering the needs of black-listed consumers reported by suppliers for electricity-bill payment failures, will be discussed at a teleconference today.

A decision leading to the formation of these working groups to resolve the two issues was reached in late September at a meeting involving the energy ministry, RAE, and all the country’s electricity suppliers.

Recent market data showed an increasing trend in the number of households resorting to the universal electricity supply service.

It is provided by the country’s five biggest electricity suppliers, in terms of retail market share, who share the pool of old and new unwanted customers and provide the universal supply service, at a higher tariff.