Windfall profit tax worth €270m, PPC covering 70%

The government will collect approximately 270 million euros from a windfall profit tax imposed on electricity producers for a six-month period covering October, 2021 to March, 2022, sources have informed. A 70 percent share of this tax sum concerns power utility PPC.

The tax payments to be provided by electricity producers are based on a formula ratified by the government. It was applied in a study conducted by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, whose results have been handed over to the government.

All discounts offered by electricity consumers to customers were deducted before the extraordinary tax, at a rate of 90 percent, was applied to windfall profits for the six-month period.

These deductions have more-than-halved an initial 590 million-euro tax revenue forecast that had been made by RAE to 270 million euros. PPC, covering 70 percent of the total, will pay a tax sum of approximately 190 million euros, while all other producers will pay further amounts totaling roughly 80 million euros, according to sources.