Wind, solar energy tariffs for 3 GW through new RES auctions

Approximately 3 GW of 4.2 GW in new RES projects to be remunerated through mixed RES auctions approved by the European Commission earlier this week will concern land-based wind and solar energy facilities, according to energypress sources.

The energy ministry is planning to announce a first auction, offering tariffs for 600 MW, by the end of the year so that it may be staged in March, 2022.

The ministry aims to offer tariffs for a total of 1 GW in wind and solar energy units in 2022, through mixed RES auctions, as was announced earlier in the week.

Technology-specific RES auctions have not been ruled out if an appropriate balance in tariffs for wind and solar energy units is not achieved through the mixed RES auctions, Brussels has pointed out.