Wind-energy investors must act fast for feed in premiums

Wind energy investors representing a substantial prospective capacity of approximately 1,400 MW are eagerly awaiting the government gazette publication of just-signed ministerial decisions which, once published, will enable the investors to sign contracts – until the end of the year – securing feed in premiums and start constructing their respective projects in 2017.

Otherwise, as of January 1, investors will need to go through tenders, in accordance with the country’s RES framework.

Though little time remains until the end of the year, a large number of investors are expected to act fast and register for the system ensuring feed in premiums to develop their projects.

Investors who do not register by the end of this year should not expect the first tender to take place any sooner than next summer, meaning that new contracts linked to this procedure will not be signed before mid-2018, accrding to estimates by market officials.