Wind energy firms demands from leadership at the Ministry of Energy

Greece’s overall position on European and national objectives concerning Renewable Energy Sources until 2030, as well as revisions deemed as necessary to a recent sector-related law, commonly referred to as the “new deal”, will be on the agenda for renewable energy sector officials, especially those representing wind energy firms, at a series of meetings with top-ranked officials of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change (YPEKA).

Ahead of the EU summit meeting on June 26, where objectives for 2030 on climate change matters will be discussed, renewable energy sector officials have asked Mr. Yannis Maniatis, Greece’s Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, to side with the group of countries pushing for renewable energy sources to represent  30% of the EU’s energy market by 2030. The sector officials are also striving for the implementation of binding national targets for all EU member states, not just the EU as a whole.

As for revisions deemed necessary for the “new deal”, wind energy firm officials are striving for certain changes, including smaller rate reductions for the sector that would enable IRR figures to be maintained at levels of between 13 and 14 percent, and exemption of projects already approved from the category of projects that could be subject to rate changes through ministerial decisions.