Wholesale power price weekly average drops to 84-week low

The country’s wholesale electricity price weekly average dropped considerably last week to a level just over the psychological barrier of 100 euros per MWh, at 106.49 euros per MWh, an 84-week low, reflecting a downward trajectory in electricity demand.

Last week’s market clearing price fell by 17.13 percent compared to a week earlier, peaking at 186.55 euros per MWh and registering a low of 7.71 euros per MWh. Last week’s highest market clearing price average, for a day, was registered on Sunday, April 2, reaching 127.50 euros per MWh.

Electricity prices in Europe last week ranged between 54 and 133 euros per MWh, while prices yesterday swung from 62 to 142 euros per MWh.

Warmer weather last week led to a reduction in electricity demand, which, along with elevated RES output, pushed prices lower.

In Greece, weekly electricity demand fell last week but remained slightly above a level of 0.8 TWh, at 813 GWh. The energy exchange recorded total electricity demand for the week at 899 GWh, a figure taking into account export outflow of 86 GWh.

RES units averaged a daily output of 58 GWh last week for a higher share of the energy mix, which reached a weekly average of 52 percent. RES units produced a total of 405 GWh last week, a 55 percent increase compared to a week earlier.

Natural gas-fueled electricity’s share of the energy mix last week was 20 percent, net imports followed at 15 percent, lignite-fired generation represented 11 percent and major-scale hydropower units represented 2 percent.

Low-voltage electricity demand, including households, represented 54 percent of overall demand in Greece last week. Medium-voltage demand represented 19 percent of demand and high-voltage demand represented 18 percent. Demand concerning the Cretan grid represented 6 percent and grid losses reached 3 percent.