Wholesale electricity €83/MWh higher without RES output

Wholesale electricity prices would have reached as much as 83 euros per MWh higher than the lofty levels of recent months had there not been any RES contribution to the country’s energy mix, a study conducted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has shown.

Energy minister Kostas Skrekas made reference to the findings of this study during a recent informal meeting of EU energy ministers in France, to highlight the important role played by RES units in energy price de-escalation.

December’s wholesale electricity price average in Greece would have reached levels of 315 euros per MWh, well over the actual average of 235 euros per MWh, the minister noted, basing his point on the university study’s findings.

An intraday market record high of 415.94 euros registered on December 22 would have reached 451.11 euros per MWh without RES contributions to the country’s energy mix, the study noted.