Venizelos: If citizens want our contribution, they should give us the power

The Greek people will decide what political forces will play a catalytic role in the negotiation for the country΄s future in the next months and perhaps years, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos on Wednesday said in an interview with radio station “Athina 9.84”.

“If citizens want our contribution, they should give us the power to do so,” he noted stressing the importance of the third party, the third mandate to form a government and its symbolic, institutional role, AMNA reported.

Venizelos said that the party΄s positions will be presented during the main rally on Wednesday in Athens.

He also accused New Democracy of clumsy bullying and SYRIZA of “demonstrating a simplistic and cunning complacency.”

PASOK leader argued that there is no risk of Grexit because it is in nobody΄s interest as a lot has been invested in Greece, adding that this is not legally feasible anyway. However, he stressed the need for a clear stance. “I accept that there is no serious political force in the country that wants us to leave the euro, but a mistake, a wrong assessment may occur and this can cause an accident that will not force us out of the eurozone on our own will, but will trigger turmoil and it is a pity to cause financial problems by ourselves,” he said.

Regarding the negotiations with the troika, Venizelos pointed out that “the political uncertainty did not let us negotiate in the right way to protect the national interest.” He accused SYRIZA of disputing the legitimacy of the government and the principle of the continuity of the state and added that the troika has raised its demands due to the political situation in the country.