Utility poles stock level too low, emergency orders needed

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO, dreading repercussions for the network as a result of any new round of adverse weather, is preparing to acquire thousands of wooden utility poles through emergency procedures rather than a competitive process.

The current stock level of 21,318 poles is below the required security level. A tender would be too time consuming.

Top-ranked officials at the energy ministry have advised the operator’s administration to negotiate with all sector companies, local and foreign, so that the lowest possible procurement prices may be achieved.

This wider approach is expected to help contain price levels, which, otherwise, could be pushed up by the situation’s need for immediate supply.

DEDDIE/HEDNO, a subsidiary of state-controlled power utility PPC, is preparing to hold direct talks with all interested suppliers.

Greek supply of wooden utility poles would not suffice to cover the national network’s needs as just a handful of local firms operate in this sector.

Over the years, international tenders have been held. Local bidders have usually emerged victorious and made up for stock deficits with orders from Ukraine, Finland and Sweden.