Upgrade funds suffice, ministry assures after platform crash

Responding to the collapse of an electronic platform set up for a follow-up “Saving at Home” program offering subsidies to property owners for domestic energy efficiency upgrades, the energy ministry has promised the program possesses enough funds for all in an effort to cut back on the rush of applications that prompted the crash to further delay the platform’s launch.

According to the energy ministry, 1.5 million attempts were made within a few hours to enter the electronic platform. Many of these attempts are believed to have been made by agencies representing groups of customers.

The ministry, in an announcement, promised that more funds would be injected into the program if needed. At present, 17,700 households possess energy efficiency certification, needed for eligibility, well under the 40,000 that may be serviced by the 250 million euros currently available, the ministry noted.

The launch of the electronic platform, donated to the energy ministry by the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA), has been severely delayed.

Besides assuring interested parties that the subsidy program’s funds more than cover demand, the energy ministry has now geographically divided application dates.

This coming Monday, when officials will once again attempt to launch the electronic platform, applications will be limited to households in the regions of east Macedonia, Thrace, central Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, and western Greece. As of March 26, the platform will be open for households in the Peloponnese, central Greece, west Macedonia, the Ionian Sea islands, north Agean islands and Crete. Applicants in the wider Athens area and southern Aegean will be able to submit applications as of April 2.