Upbeat expectations for wind energy sector in 2017

Spurred by a positive performance in 2016 as well as a number of mature projects now at the construction stage, the country’s wind energy sector has set higher expectations for 2017, based on the assumption that the Greek economy improves.

The upbeat mood was made apparent at a recent festive-season event hosted by ELETAEN, the Greek Wind Energy Association, which was attended by company officials and sector authorities.

ELETAEN president Giannis Tsipouridis told the event’s attendees that the wind energy sector registered its second-biggest performance  in 2016 in terms of total installed capacity, despite the entrepreneurial difficulties faced amid the recession.

“Imagine the achievements to be made if economic conditions improve,” Tsipouridis told the ELETAEN event.

The installation of around 500 MW is believed to be feasible for 2017 as a number of projects are already being constructed. Market leader Terna Energy, for example, is set to complete expansion work at its wind park in Dervenohoria, slightly northwest of Athens. Tenerg is set to follow with an installation of close to 100 MW in 2017. Furthermore, Eltech Anemos expects to be given the green light by authorities for a new investment program comprising six projects with a total capacity of 171.8 MW. These parks are planned to undergo gradual development and be completed by the end of 2019. Protergia, which completed a significant number of projects in 2016 to more than double its installed wind energy capacity from 65 MW to 135 MW, is continuing to grow.

New local market arrivals making an impact include Eren, headed by entrepreneur Paris Mouratoglou, as well as Euroenergy, a member of the Libra corporate group controlled by ship owner Giorgos Logothetis.

The completion of an underwater cable interconnection linking Evia, Greece’s second-largest island slightly northeast of Athens, with Nea Makri, on the northeast outskirts of Athens, is expected to serve as a catalyst for further wind energy sector growth.