Tsipras unveils 6 bln euro programme for agriculture

«You cannot repay loans without growth», Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in statements after a visit to the ministry of Rural Development and Food on Wednesday.

He noted that there will be discrimination between the farmers whose main profession is agriculture and the farmers whose main job is another one. He also promised that the government will seek a 13 percent tax on farmers.

Tsipras talked about “a fair distribution of the tax burden and the implementation of good practices so that the next generation works in the primary sector of the economy,” adding that “the aim is to promote new forms of collaboration and high quality products.”

“We will proceed with combating the interests monopolizing the rural sector for years,” he stressed.

The prime minister also announced a 6 billion euro agricultural policy until 2020 and the creation of 50,000 new jobs while stressing the importance of knowledge, training, and innovation to achieve these goals.