Tsipras: The government will not succumb to unreasonable demands

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday in an interview with Real News newspaper sent the message to Greece’s creditors that the government will not succumb to unreasonable demands.

“We will fully meet our commitments, but we will not accept injustices,” he underlined.

The Greek prime minister said that 2016 will mark the return after six years of recession. “A new page will open for Greece,” he noted. “In 2016, Greece will exit the crisis and will recover,” he stressed adding that major institutional reforms will also be implemented.

Regarding the scenarios for an ecumenical government, he described them as “midsummer night dream,” assuring that the parliamentary majority is firm and that the government will complete its four-year term. He added that these scenarios are promoted by the bankrupt political system and will be proven wrong.

He estimated that the deputies that will vote for the bill on the social security reforms will be more than 153. “The voting of the bill is a vote of confidence to the next generations that are entitled to social protection,” he stressed.