Tsipras: The EU must be very direct with Turkey over its obligation to respect int’l law

The European Union must be very clear with Turkey in terms of respecting international laws, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said to the foreign press on Thursday, on his arrival at the EU for a two-day EU Council meeting.
“I think that we have to be very skeptical about the developments in the region. But I think that we have to be very straight to the Turkish side about their obligations, especially their obligation to respect international law, but at the same time to keep open the doors of dialogue,” Tsipras said in response to a question.
Asked about the Salisbury case, he said the EU should “express our solidarity to the UK and to the British people” but that “we have to be very responsible on that issue.”
Referring to the European Union, the prime minister said, “We are at a critical moment for Europe; at least, we have to take decisions for our common future. We need a reformed eurozone, we need a strong and binding social pillar, we need a credible banking union to protect us all. And, of course, nowadays, with the difficult geopolitical developments all around, we need the EU to be a strong international and regional player; and first of all, this means suppoting all its member-states against  violations from third countires.”
The EU Council will focus on economic affairs, especially trade, and other pressing issues, including taxation and external relations. EU leaders will also discuss Brexit (in an EU 27 format) and eurozone (Euro Summit format).