Tsipras: Summit results a step forward

“I think that the results of the summit could only be described as a step forward,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras early on Tuesday said and stressed the need to make more steps forward, because the images from Idomeni are tragic.
“If the officials are not moved by these images and if some believe that the problem does not concern the European civilization and the future of the EU, then they are wrong and there will be a huge impact on the EU,” he stated.
The Greek prime minister expressed his content over the change of climate in the EU summit and the fact that the discussion was set on a good basis. “The discussion was focused on finding a substantial solution for curtailing refugee flows from Turkey in cooperation with Turkey,” he underlined adding that Turkey presented some “tempting proposals,” surprising many. The prime minister stressed, however, that these proposals included some key details that need to be worked out.
Tsipras stressed that the summit will continue on Tuesday in Izmir, where a “historic meeting” will take place on the updating of Greece-Turkey Readmission Agreement so that Ankara accepts all migrants who are entitled to international protection. “This agreement can be the first step for combating traffickers.”
“Not only Greece was not isolated in this meeting, but the countries that wanted to isolate Greece did so,” he stated and added: “Fences were actually built for those who wanted to build fences.”
Tsipras estimated that the next summit on March 17-18 will be critical and stressed the importance of respecting the needs of each other.