Tsipras outlines the key priorities of the new government

Greek PM Mr. Tsipras outlined the first four priorities of the new government, which are measures to combat the humanitarian crisis, the revival of the economy and the negotiations with the Troika of lenders and clash with vested interests.

During yesterday΄s first cabinet Tsiprar said that the new government aims to radically change the way that policies and administration are conducted in Greece; moreover, he stated that he would avoid aggression with EU and IMF, however his priority is to reach a fair, viable and mutually beneficial solution so that Greece exits the vicious circle of excessive debt and recession.

Note that Mr. Schulz will be visiting Athens today and will hold a meeting with the new Greek PM Mr. Tsipras. He stated that Greece’s rejection of sanctions against Russia doesn’t mark a successful debut; EU sanctions have held together and solo efforts don’t go so easily without consultations.