Tsipras confident of his victory in elections

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras late on Thursday in an interview with KONTRA TV expressed his confidence on the judgement of the Greek people and said he is optimistic that his party will win the September 20 elections. Tsipras once again ruled out the possibility of collaborating with New Democracy (ND) and expressed doubts over the credibility of polls. He stressed the importance of parliamentary majority since the country needs stability and strongly criticised New Democracy and Popular Unity. The first one because of the left parenthesis followed by former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the second one because it is responsible for overthrowing the left government. Rejecting the possibility of cooperation with New Democracy, Tsipras said that SYRIZA’s policy and ideology is highly opposed to that of ND, and stressed that the prospect of exiting the crisis exists. “Today, we are better informed, we are down to earth, we have secured funding for three years, plus the investment Juncker program and the opportunity for direct investments that will bring us back on the path of growth,” he said. “It is not easy,” he added, “but it is possible, while late October early November we will discuss the debt issue, and this requires a government that will negotiate hard.”