Tsipras calls for “clear and powerful” vote

Main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) party leader Alexis Tsipras called on voters to give the party a “clear and powerful order” to implement its programme and make the country stronger in its negotiations with its creditors, at a campaign speech in the northern Peloponnese city of Patras on Wednesday.

“Without a clear and powerful order to SYRIZA, the powers of the memorandum establishment – whether older or newer – will try to trap us,” Tsipras said, “to leave us without a parliamentary majority, hostage to supporting them so they can adulterate our programme.” 

SYRIZA he said was close to gaining enough of a majority to form a government and attacked Prime Minister and New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras for “reintroducing the Greek Civil War intolerance, revolting every moderate and democratic citizen.” A safe forecast for what would happen as of February, Tsipras said, is that “they will be looking for a leader in ND – because the only one who will have become bankrupt is Mr. Samaras and his extreme-right group of friends, who ruled over us all these years.”

Tsipras also warned Samaras “not to dare wrap up these days in ways that are beneficial for his friends and counsellors – cases from the “Lagarde list”, the checques sent overseas and other tax cases… If he dares to do so, everyone should know that as of Monday they will be re-examined by relevant tax and judicial authorities.”

He reasserted that the party had “committed to protecting bank deposits and transactions” and said that “no new tax will be introduced.” His government΄s top priorities would be the short-term solution of unemployment and the highlighting of Greek tourism as a competitive alternative.