Tsipras: A new Constitution will be a milestone for Greece

“The 24th of July is a milestone for democracy,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his message for the 42nd anniversary of the post-Junta period and called on all political and social forces to a broad, open and fruitful dialogue on constitutional reform.

“A new Constitution that will mark the new post-Junta period and will lead to a new Greece: the Greece of 2021,” he said.

In particular, the prime minister pointed out in his message that “the anniversary of the new regime is first of all a day of honour and respect to all those who resisted the dictatorship: the thousands of political prisoners in the seven year period of 1967-1974, to all who in any way and any means defended democracy and freedom in our country and, of course, first and foremost, to the heroes who gave their lives in the struggle for democracy, popular sovereignty and social justice in our country.”

He also stressed that “our historical duty towards these people is the constant expansion and consolidation of democracy in our country” adding that the “democratic institutions and constitutional freedoms are priceless and we have to respect them and protect them.”

Moreover, Tsipras stated that “today, 42 years since the dictatorship of 1974, an entire historical cycle is completed” and that “entering a path of development and social justice, Greece is now on the threshold of a new era.”

He added that “the characteristics of this era should be the expansion of democracy, strengthening of the people’s view in making important decisions, shielding the transparency and the rule of law, constitutional recognition of fundamental rights, especially for the weakest.”