Tsakalotos: Safe economic climate necessary for recovery of Greek economy

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos presented the position of the Greek side on the debt relief during his meeting on Monday with his Bavarian counterpart Dr. Markus Söder underlining that the finding of the best possible solution will result into the establisment of a safe economic environment which is necessary for the recovery of the Greek economy.

Moreover, Tsakalotos briefed the German minister on the course of the Greek programme and on the next step towards meeting a comprehensive agreement. On his part, Dr. Söder said that the German part recognises the progress achieved by the Greek government. Concluding, Tsakalotos underlined that the time has come for Europe to seriously consider the participation of the people of labour in the economic development. He noted that if the European citizens feel that they have only a share in austerity and not in recovery, this may strengthen politically the centrifugal forces.