Trump set to nullify Obama’s climate change policies, RES framework

The energy policies to be pursued by US President-elect Donald Trump, according to a memo leaked just days ago by the Center for Media and Democracy, a nonprofit liberal watchdog and advocacy organization, promise to press the reset button on President Barack Obama’s climate change policies, including his contribution to the Paris Agreement as well as RES legal framework.

Trump has already appointed a supporter of fossil fuels to head the country’s Environmental Proteection Agency.

The USA’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, adopted precisely one year ago, was described as “deeply problematic” in the leaked memo, signed by Thomas Pyle, Trump’s energy transition head.

The next US leader, according to the memo, also plans to nullify the Obama administration’s RES legal framework.

The findings of a study on the effects of greenhouse gas emissions will also be reexamined and possibly cancelled, according to the memo.