Three DEPA options still on the table as draft bill date nears

Three basic scenarios are still being considered for a split plan at gas utility DEPA, while a final decision is expected within the first couple of weeks of October, which will enable the energy ministry to complete the plan’s draft bill.

One option entails splitting DEPA’s trade and infrastructure sections from its existing core for the establishment of two new enterprises, DEPA Trade and DEPA Infrastructure.

Though this scenario has not been ruled out, it stands little chance of being pursued as DEPA’s existing obligations with customers and other parties limits how much it can change its corporate structure, energypress sources explained.

A second option being considered entails splitting the commercial activity from DEPA for  possible incorporation with EPA Attiki, a gas supply venture covering the wider Athens area. DEPA holds a 51 percent stake in EPA Attiki and has agreed to acquire a 49 percent stake held by Shell. Such an outcome would give EPA Attiki a leading role in Greece’s developing natural gas market. A local competition committee recently decided to further investigate this EPA-Shell agreement. The process is expected to last 45 days.

A third option entails splitting the infrastructure from DEPA’s core.