New gas distributor EDA THESS planning network expansion in north

The newly formed EDA THESS gas distribution company, to serve the wider Thessaloniki and Thessaly regions, plans to invest roughly 90.7 million euros over the five-year period covering 2017 to 2021 in order to develop infrastructure facilitating natural gas supply to all the cities and towns in both regions, a leading company official has told energypress.

EDA THESS was established following the required division of distribution and supply activities at Greece’s three exisiting EPA gas supply companies.

Leonidas Bakouras, the deputy general manager at EDA THESS, told energypress that new natural gas networks measuring over 438 kilometers in length and budgeted at more than 90.7 million euros will be constructed in new and existing regions of Thessaloniki and Thessaly.

The Thessaloniki wider region’s network is planned to measure 254 kilometers and worth 58.6 million euros. The Thessaly gas network project, budgeted at 32.1 million euros, is planned to measure a total of 184 kilometers.

EDA THESS plans to supply remote areas located beyond networks with CNG (compressed natural gas). Compressor stations have already been installed for the Thessaloniki and Thessaly networks by DEPA (Public Gas Corporation), which holds 51 percent stakes in the EPA companies, as well as private-sector suppliers.

EDA THESS plans to soon submit its investment plan to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for approval and licensing.