“The Energy Crisis in Europe: Myths and Truths” – A new book by Energypress journalist H. Aposporis

The energy crisis has hit us hard, regardless of profession, age, area or income. It tests consumers’ endurance and complicates producers’ choices, while threatening the entire economy with depression.

At the same time, it changes things inside the energy sphere itself, with effects that may end up being permanent, with dangers and plenty of redefinitions. It sets the public discourse about the connection between energy, the environment and growth to a whole new level. It creates new winners and losers globally.

The goal of this new book titled “The Energy Crisis in Europe: Myths and Truths” by Energypress journalist, H. Aposporis, is to present in a simple and understandable way for the average citizen what led us to the energy crisis, without requiring any special knowledge of the subject.

We are going to see what went right, what was at fault and where there was simply bad luck.

Moreover, the book records the chronicle of the crisis itself and its effects so far for Europe.

Last but not least, there is an attempt to foresee the next day, both immediate and long term through spotting new trends, future threats and opportunities, while examining different scenarios.

You can find the book on Amazon and Kobo in ebook form.