Terna Energy signs PPP deal for Epirus solid waste treatment plant

The Terna Energy group has signed an agreement for a municipal solid waste treatment plant in Greece’s northwest Epirus region, based on a Public & Private Partnerships (PPP) scheme involving “Aeiforiki of Epirus”, a Terna Energy subsidiary, and the Epirus prefectural authority, the company announced.

The partnership agreement provides for the study, licensing, financing, construction, insurance, operation and maintenance of the waste management project for the next 25 years. The total duration of the agreement is 26.5 years and consists of an 18-month construction period as well as of a 25-year operation period. The investment is estimated to reach the amount of 52.6 million euros.

The fundamental axis of the investment plan concerns the management of conventional waste through the use of modern technologies aiming at absolute environmental protection in line with a financially viable strategy that will ensure long-term implementation and operation of the project.

Once launched, the project will be equipped to process 105,000 tons of waste annually through the Sewage Treatment Plan (STP), recycle at least 17,000 tons of appropriate materials and produce green energy with a capacity to satisfy the needs of 3,000 households, thereby offering CO2 emission savings measuring of 12,000 tons.

The project is expected to create 200 new jobs during the construction stage, 90 working positions during the 25-year operation period, as well as a large number of parallel jobs, including in the areas of transportation, trade and recycling management.

The operation of the new waste material processing unit promises to ensure the broader region’s compliance with existing EU regulations, strengthen environmental protection and lead to significant improvements in the quality of life and hygiene conditions for all citizens.

The project’s implementation will also offer both direct and indirect benefits in the fields of tourism, education and the new quality-based agricultural sector, representing a strategic objective for the entire country.