RES support plan forwarded for public consultation


The energy ministry has forwarded its new RES support framework for public consultation, a procedure to be completed on June 27 at 2pm.

The objective is to develop a new support plan for RES-based and combined heat and power (CHP) electricity production, according to a related ministry statement.

The draft bill prepared by the ministry promotes the utilization of domestic electricity-producing RES potential, ensures the achievement of national RES targets, while it is expected to contribute significantly to economic development.

Earlier in the day, energypress reported:

Tenders with price caps for respective RES technologies will stand as a key feature of the new RES support framework to soon be forwarded for public consultation by the energy ministry.

Information made available to date, by no means finalized, indicates that tenders will be held for new RES and combined heat and power (CHP) units with the aim of maximizing support for RES-based electricity production, needed to meet related national energy targets.

Tender procedures will be limited to specific RES and CHP technologies. Factors to be taken into account will include long-term potential, diversification in the RES technology field and avoidance of market distortions.

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, will be responsible for organizing, staging and completing these tenders.

A total of 50 MW will be offered through tender procedures in 2016 while bidders will not be able to submit offers of more than 10 MW, according to the current plan.

PV investors who have already submitted letters of guarantee accepting specific tariff terms will be entitled to have their letters of guarantee returned if their bids in tenders within 2016 prove unsuccessful.