Tender cancellation at IPTO highlights SGCC’s shape-up determination

The recent entry of SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) into IPTO, Greece’s power grid operator, as a strategic partner with a 24 percent stake is already making an impact on the operator’s administrative decisions, as highlighted by the cancellation of an existing e-auction system tender. On a wider level, all issues currently in progress are being reassessed at IPTO.

IPTO has officially announced that the asforementioned tender, worth 55,000 euros and concerning the implementation of an e-auction system, has been cancelled and will be relaunched once the operator’s needs have been reexamined.

Though this tender was not lucrative, its cancellation highlights the determination of SGCC officials to get things in optimal shape at IPTO.

The cancellation was immediately followed by the establishment of three new administrative departments at IPTO to help reshape the operator in accordance with its new management model.

It appears that further changes, on various levels, lie ahead at IPTO as part of this readjustment process.

IPTO’s newly appointed chief executive Manos Manousakis, well informed on the new digital era being entered by the energy sector, appears determined to steer the operator into the future.