Technical level talks at Brussels Group resume today

The Greek PM held another lengthy cabinet meeting yesterday, which discussed among others the government΄s strategy in negotiations with creditors and a package of measures, including tax reforms that could form the basis of an agreement.

To this respect, the Greek government will aim to accelerate the technical level talks at Brussels Group, which resume today, so as to potentially unlock the disbursement of a part of the delayed tranche. 

The measures considered are a) legalization of undeclared income and deposits at banks in Greece and abroad by paying a tax (15-20%), b) VAT lottery c) electronic payments for transactions exceeding €70 in value, d) creation of special unit for VAT inspection/collection improvement, and e) strengthening of the independence of the public revenue general secretariat.

The Greek situation according to “Αnt1” will also be on the agenda of the IMF board during its meeting today. Presumably, Mr. P. Thomsen, Director of the European Department, will also be present  to contribute to the meeting.