PV investor tariffs depend on legislative agenda order

The ability of PV investors to secure tariffs by November 26, when reference prices are due to change, will depend on whether related legislation can previously be submitted to Parliament and ratified.

The energy ministry has completed revisions enabling RES project investors to secure tariffs once their projects have been declared as ready for electrification, not based on their specified electrification dates, as is the case at present.

However, these revisions still need to be ratified in Parliament to come into effect. They are expected to be attached to a draft bill concerning spatial regulations for RES projects, whose consultation period expires tomorrow after having been granted an extension.

Tariff opportunities for projects that have been declared as ready for electrification will be missed if the draft bill is not legislated by the November date.

The energy ministry revisions cannot be attached to draft bills prepared by other ministries, meaning the ability of PV investors to secure tariffs before reference prices change will depend on the order of the government’s legislative agenda.