Target model’s market coupling seen no sooner than early 2020

The target model, aiming for market coupling, or harmonization of EU wholesale markets, in order to unify energy markets, intensify market competition and provide energy security, remains a pending issue for Greece and seems set for further delays.

Already behind by a number of years, Greece’s target model was given an April 1, 2019 implementation date through the country’s bailout terms. However, this does not appear likely to occur until October this year, while the actual coupling of the Greek market, a fundamental aspect of the target model, does not seem achievable within 2019, the date of a related tender being staged by power grid operator IPTO indicates. At best, Greece’s market coupling should not be expected before the first two months of 2020.

The IPTO tender concerns the supply of necessary software for the Greek market’s coupling with neighboring markets, not the balancing market.