Target model’s legal framework imminent, ministry official says

The legal framework for Greece’s energy target model will soon be introduced, while a forthcoming support plan for the renewable energy source (RES) sector promises to offer protection to investments and gradually reduce a RES-supporting ETMEAR surcharge on electricity bills, Mihalis Veriopoulos, the Environment and Energy Ministry’s secretary general noted today.

Veriopoulos, who delivered a speech at a conference organized by TEE, the Technical Chamber of Greece, and titled “Energy Market: Unlocking Greece’s Economic Potential”, pointed out that energy should serve as a tool for growth. He highlighted that energy production and transportation must be carried out with respect for the environment and local communities, while also adding that the country’s energy policy must be fully integrated with the EU plan for energy union.

Greece does not enjoy the same level of energy security as other EU member states, meaning that the country must offset this weakness by integrating with European policies for energy union, Veriopoulos remarked. The major gas-sector projects promise to help steer the country in this direction, he added.

“Despite facing considerable difficulties at present, Greece is insisting on creating positive expectations in the fields of the economy, politics, and geopolitics,” Veriopoulos noted. “Greece is a country that succeeds regardless of circumstances and constitutes an island of stability and democracy in the region.”