Target model schedule checked at virtual meeting today

Leading energy sector authorities and European Commission officials will stage a virtual conference today, instead of a face-to-face meeting in Athens, to examine whether Greece’s commitment to a June 30 launch of the target model and energy exchange markets – next-day, intra-day and balancing markets – can be strictly adhered to amid the extraordinary conditions prompted by the coronavirus epidemic.

Representatives of Greece’s energy ministry, the energy exchange, power grid operator IPTO and RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, will take part in today’s teleconference with European Commission officials.

All market terms have already been approved by Brussels.

Finalized decisions on various formulas to be applied, such as the proportion of production each producer will be permitted to offer through contracts, are expected by the end of April.

A May 15 deadline for a full-scale trial run of all the market’s systems has been set.