Survey Digital signs 11 EPC contracts in January for projects around Greece

Survey Digital Photovoltaics signed within January 2021 contracts for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of eleven (11) photovoltaic parks of 400kW and 500kW, in various areas throughout Greece. Specifically, they are the following projects:

  1. Mesovarda Spata – 499.5 kW
  2. Velanideza Spata – 499.5 kW
  3. Voula-Varda Spata – 499.5 kW
  4. Peristeria-Sykamino Oropos – 399.60 kW
  5. Goumia Ampelonas Larissa – 499.5 kW
  6. Evernozi Ampelonas Larissa – 499.5 kW
  7. Kasian Tyrnavos Larissa – 499.5 kW
  8. Kotroules Tyrnavos Larissa – 499.5 kW
  9. Dalouka – Nea Aghialos – Volos – 499.60 kW
  10. Souvala – Nea Aghialos – Volos – 399.60 kW
  11. Gefiraki – Nea Aghialos – Volos – 399.60 kW

The equipment that will be used for the panels is from the companies Trina, Upsolar and Znshine, while for the inverters from the companies Sungrow, Huawei and Goodwe. The projects will be financed by National Bank of Greece Leasing and Alpha Bank, and will have completed their construction by the end of April 2021.

Along with the complete package of EPC services, Survey Digital supports its customers in receiving very competitive financing packages, through Alpha Bank. For mature projects looking for a quality EPC package accompanied by a flexible funding program, Survey Digital executives are available to discuss possible collaboration. Those interested can contact the company at 210 6044212 or via email at

PHAOS: Sungrow inverter orders over 100 MW since last August

PHAOS Renewables, a Greek company with extensive experience in the PV sector and the official distributor in Greece and Cyprus of SUNGROW, the global leader in solar inverters, has announced SUNGROW inverter orders have exceeded 100 MW since August, 2019.

More specifically, PHAOS Renewables has undertaken the supply of  SUNGROW’s solar inverters concerning the new Commercial Extreme (CX) and High Extreme (HX) lines, PHAOS Renewables announced in a statement.

SG110CX, SG50CX and SG250HX inverters along with the appropriate telecommunication systems, COM100E, were ordered for and are supplied to 135 projects of 500KW to 1MW nominal power, adding up to the impressive figure of 103 MW in less than a year, the company noted. The projects are owned by various energy communities and private investors in Greece, it added.

The company estimates this achievement would have been even greater had global market activity not been suspended by the coronavirus pandemic.  The company is set for plenty of Q3/2020 action with a significant pipeline of projects in line.

PHAOS Renewables remains committed to continuing in the same manner so as to preserve the achievement of more than 100MW in less than a year, without any impact in terms of the quality of the services that it provides to its clients. For this reason, it continues to invest in people by hiring experienced solar experts and looks towards the future with greater confidence, the company noted.

PHAOS Renewables has already achieved partnerships and cooperation with global solar leaders and guarantees the provision of high-quality solutions regarding solar inverters, PV modules and mounting structures, both fixed and moving (solar trackers).

Moreover, it has successfully participated in the supply of PV modules and mounting structures for various projects in Greece.

Aiming to exclusively provide absolutely reliable products, and also committed to serve its partners’ and clients’ needs with products and services of the highest possible value, its portfolio consists of PV equipment coming from the leaders of the industry, it noted.

PHAOS Renewables in 19 MW of Sungrow system supply deals

Greek company PHAOS Renewables, the official distributor for Sungrow in Greece and Cyprus, has finalized agreements to supply 19 MW of Sungrow inverters, the company has announced in a statement. The deals, reached in August and September, concern 25 projects, the company noted.

More specifically, PHAOS Renewables will supply solar inverters of Sungrow’s new Commercial Extreme (CX) line. It will supply SG110CX inverters and SG50CX inverters along with the relevant telecommunication systems, COM100E, for 25 projects of 500KW to 1MW power. In total, 19 MW will be supplied in central and northern Greece, the statement noted.

PHAOS Renewables has entered the year’s fourth quarter with just as much momentum and is currently discussing a series of other significant projects, it noted.

PHAOS Renewables, whose members possess extensive experience in the PV sector, has already secured partnerships and cooperation with global solar leaders and guarantees the provision of high quality solutions regarding solar inverters, PV modules and mounting structures, both fixed and moving (solar trackers).

PHAOS Renewables and Sungrow join forces for Greece, Cyprus

PHAOS Renewables, a Greek company with significant experience in the PV sector since the birth of the Greek market back in 2007, has formed a partnership with Sungrow Power Supply, a global leader, for the Greek and Cypriot markets, the partners have announced.

The partnership was established to facilitate high-quality and reliability needs prompted by growth in both these markets, the partners announced.

As a result, PHAOS Renewables is now an official distributor of Sungrow in Greece and Cyprus.

Both companies have set a target for quick development and the acquisition of a market share proportional to Sungrow’s leading global position through the supply of its innovative products via the PHAOS Renewables channel and support.

PHAOS Renewables is committed to supplying high-quality services and offering constant support, both commercial and technical, it noted.

“We are very happy and proud to join forces with PHAOS Renewables and together introduce to the Greek and Cypriot markets our products and solutions. Especially, we are in the happy position through this agreement to launch our new CX series which have been developed with all the latest technological innovations and convenience of very easy commissioning,” noted Baris Sözener, Sungrow’s Director of Sales & Operations for Turkey, Greece, the Balkans and Ukraine.

“PHAOS Renewables provides world-class commercial and technical support and consultancy to its partners and clients and this is one of the reasons why we chose them as our strategic partner,” stressed Florian Chan, Sungrow’s Head of Distribution Europe.

Konstantinos Karagiannidis, General Manager at PHAOS Renewables, commented: “We are very happy and proud to have reached this distribution agreement for Sungrow products in Greece and Cyprus. It is widely known that Sungrow is the global leader in the solar inverters industry. This agreement recognizes the potential of PHAOS Renewables in the PV sector and also reinforces the company to achieve its goal of providing services and products of the highest quality to our partners and clients.”

Sungrow’s global installed capacity totals more than 87 GW, June figures showed. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, the company is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters. Powered by a dedicated R&D team, it markets a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions.

Sungrow products power installations in over 60 countries, maintaining a worldwide market share of over 15%, the company noted.