DEDA set to launch tenders for gas networks in north, central Greece

Gas distributor DEDA, covering all areas around Greece other than wider Athens, Thessaloniki and Thessaly, is set to launch three separate tenders for the construction of natural gas distribution networks servicing east Macedonia and Thrace in the northeast, central Macedonia, in the north, as well as central Greece.

DEDA is discussing final details with regional authorities before its launches the tenders, expected within the next few days.

A consultation procedure staged in the lead up generated considerable feedback from construction and technical companies, engineers, as well as a range of technical associations.

Consultation was followed by meetings with interested parties for further exchange of ideas and to determine optimal ways to move forward with project details.

DEPA planning new gas infrastructure for west Macedonia region

DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, responding to energy infrastructure development needs addressed by local authorities in the west Macedonia region of northern Greece, has designed a natural gas compressor unit for installation at the TAP project’s GBV21 Block Valve Station in the Perdikkas area, located slightly north of Ptolemaida.

The gas corporation intends to include the compressor unit project in its investment program. Its development will enable tankers to load and transfer natural gas to existing telethermal units in the northern provincial cities of Kozani, Prolemaida, Amynteo and Florina.

The same compressor unit will also be used to transfer natural gas to the nearby provincial city Grevena and supply its prospective natural gas distribution network to be constructed by DEDA, a DEPA offshoot. The distribution network is planned to cater to Grevena household and commercial consumers.